Services and Prices

(new rates as of march 2018)

1-Kinky Play Domestic Setting:
This Service is ideal for those who are new to The Fetish World and who would like to try some kinky play but are not quite ready for a Dungeon Experience. A bedroom & domestic setting is ideal for beginners to relax and it's a great introduction for those who would like to eventually play in a dungeon scenario. There will be some light Fluffy Kinky play involved. On this day, you have a choice of a full transformation or partial. My rates are: 60 mins=$250, 2 hrs=$450, 3 hrs=$550, (anal/strap-on play is an extra $100)

2-Kinky Play/BDSM Dungeon Setting:
This style of session is great for Sissies & Cross dressers who would like to experience a makeover and enjoy their kinky fantasies in the dungeon. This is your chance to go deeper and explore your kinky side. There will be a full range of implements & equipment available. My rates are: 60 mins=$300, 2 hrs=$500, 3 hrs=$600, (anal/strap-on play is an extra $100)

3-Cross Dressing Only:
I offer a fun and relaxed cross dressing experience to suit your individual needs. You may bring as much as you like, or you may use my wardrobe. Tea & coffee is provided, or why not bring along a good bottle of champagne to celebrate your brand-new look? You have the option of a full transformation or if wearing sexy French lace underwear and high heels is all that you need then that is fine. This session is ideal for those who do not wish to have any kink or BDSM content involved. Usually I will take photos and depending on how long you wish to stay, we will also do a couple of different outfit changes. My rates are: 60 mins=$150, 2 hrs=$250, 3 hrs=$350, 4 hrs=$450, 5 hrs=$550 (There is no kink or BDSM involved in this session)

4-Sissy Maid Training:
This will involve a partial makeover, getting you dressed in a maid’s uniform and comfortable shoes to wear. During this session you will be shown the correct protocols, maid duties, serving techniques, etiquette, presentation and deportment.NB: No Kink, No BDSM included. 2 hrs=$450

5-Maid for a Day:
This service is only for Sissies who have passed their ''Sissy Maid Training'' or who have served as a maid before and do not require training or supervision. (references may be required) Your day begins at midday and finishes at 5pm (flexible times can be arranged). You are encouraged to bring your own clothes, shoes, wigs, whatever you like or if you would like to use any items from my wardrobe, please let me know in advance to check I have your size. Upon arrival, you will be shown around the various rooms. Before we start our day, we will have a little chat before I let you get ready. When you are done, I will check to see how you look before you start your duties. You will be required to perform cleaning duties to the following rooms: You may also be required to give me a lovely foot massage if you are lucky. You will be given a break in between your duties where you will serve tea /coffee or refreshment of the day and if I am happy with your cleaning then I may allow you to join me. You may also be required to help with other minor duties. Finally, before you change, your work shall be inspected thoroughly. NB: No BDSM involved, No Training or Constant Supervision.
My rate is $500

6-Slut Training, Forced Feminization, Forced bi:
This session is ideal for those who are wanting to explore their slutty side. I will give you a makeover and dress you into an outfit that I will pick out for you or we can just go for stockings, lingerie, wig and some lipstick. This session may involve; anal/strap-on play or Forced Bi (with a real coco). Naturally, this will all depend on the information you have given me on your questionnaire as well as your limitations. My rates are: 2 hrs=$600, 3 hrs=$700

7-Makeup/Deportment Lessons:
Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of make-up application. I will show you all the basic techniques that you need to know to suit your individual style. During this lesson, you will learn all about the correct colours and what works for your complexion. I will show you which foundation works best for your skin type as well as brushes and different techniques. You will learn how to apply your own makeup and learn little secrets to create a fabulous look every time. If you really feel that your makeup techniques and application isn't working for you or you feel like you need a change or useful makeup advice and tips, then you've come to the right place. You may bring your own makeup if you like. NB: No Kink, No BDSM involved. My rate is: $180 for 2 hours

8-Outings / Club Nights / Lunch / Dinner:
Are you ready to venture out & meet like-minded people as yourself? Club nights are always exciting and so much fun. When you are new to the scene it can be daunting and a little scary knowing that you are on your own, and that's not fun is it? You will get the chance to be made-up and styled by yours truly and then it's off for an evening of fun. I am also available for shopping sprees for those who feel they need that extra support while clothes shopping and of course, I will make sure that you pick and choose the right colours and styles that I feel would suit you best. I am also available for lunch or dinner date. Please contact me for my rates.